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Anglican Missionary Tract Project

Our Tracts and Resources

Our Tracts and Resources
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AMTP designates Microsoft Publisher documents formatted for the front and back of an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of paper that can be trifolded to fit a standard tract rack.

AMTP: Christian Love

AMTP: Evangelism: You can Be A Powerful Messenger

AMTP: Staying Close to God

AMTP: Intercession: Distributing God's Power

AMTP: Why the Anglican Church

AMTP: The Eucharist

AMTP: Baptism: New Life of Grace

AMTP: Obedience: How to Find Spiritual Fulfillment

AMTP: Do We Really Need Priests & Bishops?

AMTP: Scripture, Reason and Tradition: Tools for Finding God

AMTP: A Form of Reconcilliation for Young People

AMTP: What Happens After Death?

AMTP: What Does Grace Do For Me

AMTP: Learn to Meditate (classical methods outlined)

AMPT: What About Mary

AMTP: The Observance of a Holy Lent

AMTP: Sanctity of Life

Christian Education Resources for Parents and Churches

Looking for a tool to describe Anglican Christian education goals to your church?  This power point is great for an adult forum, catechists, parents and homeschoolers. 

Christian Formation Power Point Presentation

This power point outlines age appropriate goals and shares possible resources including texts, books, DVD's, and youth organizations.

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Anglican Lay Catechists

click here to download file

Follow this link to learn how to get a trained, skilled Anglican catechist for your church or ministry.

Anglican Missionary Tract Project
Winona Lake, IN